Suicide Prevention

Programs & Services

Awareness, Prevention Strategies and Support for All Ages

Jacob Crouch’s story didn’t end with his passing in 2005; rather, it lives on through our efforts today. Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services (JCSPS)- A Branch of The Family Tree offers comprehensive suicide awareness and prevention educational programs suitable for individuals of all backgrounds. Established in November 2006, the initiative initially focused on bringing educational interventions to schools within the Acadiana area. These programs equip students with essential skills to identify and respond to signs of potential at-risk behavior, whether in themselves or others. 

In 2010, we broadened our scope to offer suicide prevention education tailored to all community members, including educators, counselors, medical professionals, and more. After The Family Tree acquired JCSPS in 2018, with generous funding through Acadiana Area Human Services District and The Office of Public Health: Bureau of Family Health, our impactful programming is accessible to all individuals throughout the Region 4 & 6 area. As part of our commitment to a suicide-safer community, we offer Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) to the public free of charge, a 2-day workshop, typically valued at over $2,000.  

Additionally, we facilitate a survivor of suicide support group, providing a safe space for adults grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide. This support group welcomes all who are navigating this challenging journey of healing. 

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in joining our support group (for ages 18 and above), or if you’re interested in arranging QPR or ASIST training in your community for either children or adults