Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered at the Family Tree?
Where are you located?
Our physical address is 1602 W. Pinhook Rd. Suite 100A, Lafayette, LA 70508 but you can check out our Contact us page for additional information including phone numbers and a map to find us.
Does The Family Tree provide utilities, rental or housing assistance?
No. The Family Tree is unable to provide this type of assistance but does provide referrals to agencies that can help. Please call (337) 232-HELP for immediate assistance.
I need to take Children Cope with Divorce, is this class still offered?
Children Cope with Divorce has been renamed TransParenting. The course content is the same, but the name and procedures have changed.
I am court ordered to attend a class before my next court date, but there aren’t any available. What do I do?
Call The Family Tree at (337) 981-2180 and register for the next available class. Take your registration slip to your court date to show that you are registered for a plan to complete the next class.
I lost my certificate from a class I attended. How do I get a copy?
There is a $10 certificate reproduction fee for those seeking copies of their certificates. Call The Family Tree at (337) 981-2180 to request a copy of your certificate.
How do I register/pay for classes and counseling?

Option #1: All classes that require registration and/or fee payment and counseling sessions can be scheduled and payed for online.  If you need to speak with the intake coordinator, please call The Family Tree at (337) 981-2180 Option #2: Please mail or drop off in person registration paperwork to Attn: Intake Coordinator 1602 W. Pinhook Rd. Suite 100A, Lafayette, LA 70508 Make checks out to The Family Tree. Visa or Master Card payments can be accepted by phone or in person. Cash Payments accepted IN PERSON ONLY!

What is the youngest age accepted for counseling?
Counseling can see children as young as 3 years of age for standard play therapy or as young as 2 ½ years of age for Parent Child Interaction Therapy.
How does tele-counseling work exactly?

View this FAQ sheet detailing everything you need to know about how The Family Tree manages its tele-counseling services.