Social Entertainment and Lafayette Roofing & General Contractors have partnered with The Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services and The Family Tree to call attention to the worsening mental health crisis that both adults and children in our community are facing due to the unprecedented times. The Finding Hope Fundraiser is a two-week fundraiser to launch Tuesday, March 2nd to help raise awareness for the issue. The fundraiser organizers aim to help start the tough conversation in our community that suicide can be prevented. 

In Louisiana, on average, a person dies every 12 hours by suicide. Between the pandemic and the growing division in our country, this past year has been filled with hardships and uncertainty. Students, ethnic minorities, essential workers, and many others in our community have reported experiencing elevated suicidal thoughts. The pandemic is not only hurting working individuals, but students are struggling just as hard. Adolescents and young adults are at a tremendously higher risk.

Donations to the Finding Hope Fundraiser helps Jacob Crouch Suicide Prevention Services promote good mental health, suicide awareness and prevention training in our community. The fundraiser is in memory of deputy Clyde Kerr who took his own life outside of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office on February 1, 2021.

Donations to the ‘Finding Hope Fundraiser’ can be made between March 2nd – March 16th via The Family Tree on Facebook or through the donation page on our website. Please note “Finding Hope Fundraiser” in the Designation field of the donation page for your gift to be contributed directly for this fundraiser. Checks will also be accepted between March 2nd and March 16th with the memo field noting “Finding Hope Fundraiser.”